Pastor Daniel F. Roberson is an appointed servant of God and was born on October 15, 1964 to the late Daniel L. Roberson and Minister Daisy L. Roberson and is the fifth child and eldest son of his family of eight siblings.


He has been the lead and founding Pastor of CCM since its inception in March of 1997. The church has a holistic approach to ministry with a desire to reach out and change lives by meeting the needs of hurting people who are seeking the Lord within its community and beyond. The goal is service to the whole individual, physically, mentally and emotionally as well as meeting spiritual needs.


Pastor Roberson's ministry goal is to deliver the word in a way that is true to God's vision and word for God's church and God's people and to teach in a way that will bring about God's truth, power, authority and his conviction to those who will receive it. He is not interested in fame, popularity or saying what itching ears want to hear. He believes "if they would crucify Christ for ministering the truth perfectly, what will they do to me".



Suberta Roberson, is a founding member, and associate minister of Christ Centered Ministries, where she has served as Lead Praise and Worship Minister for the past fifteen years. She also serves as Head of intercessors and Communion Ministries.


Her main mission, purpose, and goal is  to walk in the perfect will of God. and to see many souls won to Jesus Christ.

Deacon Marvin Benton grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant and East Flatbush in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. He married in 1984 to his wife Habiebbah from Queens. They're happily married and now in year thirty of marriage. They've been attending Christ Centered Ministries from it conception giving service, as the meaning of servant is Deacon. 

As a pastor, he is a strong supporter of Christian marriage and family and has participated in family studies in both these areas at the Somerset Christian College in Somerset County, New Jersey. He therefore is a powerful advocate of church marriage ministry and ministry to youth and children both Christian and secular. He believes that powerful churches and productive communities are made up of strong mariages and strong families.


He also believes in the support of other churches in his community and therefore served as part of the Rockland County Ministers Alliance, a group of local churches of different denominations that meet together with goals of creating a stronger community through Jesus Christ. As a part of this alliance he served as secretary for three years.


Today he colaborates with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA) and the Rockland Ministerial Alliance both are groups of independent evangelical churches whose goals are prayer, mutual Christian care and practical cooperation in carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.


When he is not studying the word of God, Dan enjoys spending time with bowling, golf, camping, and is a strong promoter of physical excercise. He also loves expressing himself through art and working with his hands in way that express any kind or creativity. He considers himself to be a man with a sense of humor and loves the company of people who do not take themselves to seriously but take God and his word seriously.